Technical Equipment

Faculty of Natural Sciences
Department of Zoology
List of Technical Instruments


Gel Electrophoresis Horizontal without power supply

Gel Electrophoresis Horizontal with power supply

Haemocyntometer Neubar (China)

Glucometer (Nil)


Heating Mantle

Vortex Mixer

UV Transiluminator

Computer Set

Laboratory Balance Digital


Micropipette (0.5-10 ul)

Micropipette (10-100 ul)

Micropipette (100-1000 ul)

Binocular Microscope

Plastic Beakers

Water Bath

Dust Bowler

Binocular Microscope

Student Microscope

Water Bath (WB-14 memmert)

Hematology Analyzer

Semi-Automated Chemistry Analyzer

Vertical Gel Apparatus (with power supply)

CODA Automated Elisa Analyzer

6V Battery on Wooden Board

Microscope Stereoscopic

Vertical Gel Apparatus with Power Supply

Microscope Monocular

Microscope Binocular

High Speed Centrifuge Machine

UV VIS Spectrophotometer

Inveted Microscope


B.P Apparatus (Nil)

Micropipette (1ul-10ul)

Micropipette (20ul-24ul)

Micropipette (20ul-100ul)

Micropipette (50ul-200ul)

Micropipette (200ul-1000ul)

Trinocular Microscope

Rotary Microtome

Chicken Cages

Objective Lens


Manometer (Eye Pieces)

Analytical Balance

Slide Project

Plastic Bottle

Stainless Steel Dishes (8` * 6`)

Stainless Steel Dishes (8` * 12`)

Slide Cabinet

Overhead Projector

Screen with Stand

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Power Lab System

Colony Counter

Distillation Apparatus


PH Meter Digital Bench Top Model

Electronic Balance

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

Auto Clave

Fish Aquaria



Orital Shaker


Epidia Scope

Electric Balance (EW-1000)

Centrifuge Machine

Micro centrifuge Machine (CF-100)

Multimedia Projector

Heating and Drying Oven


Micropipettes (5ul-10ul) (10ul-100ul) (20ul-200ul) (100ul-1000ul)

Thermostat for  Humidifier


Laminar Flow Cabinet

Thermal Cycler

Water Dispenser

Visible Spectrophotometer


Accessories of kymograph

Accessories of kymograph


Microwave Oven

Digital Photocopier

Heating Unit of Sox let Apparatus

Elisa Plate Reader

Freezer 40°C

Chemistry Analyzer

Real time PCR System

Multi-Purpose Vortex Mixer

High Speed Refrigerator Centrifuge Machine

Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

Digital Gluco Meter



Department of Physics


Dry Oven


Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer

Hydraulic Press

pH Meters

Department of Botany



Conductivity Meter

Centrifuge machine

Camera Digital                                                           

Colony Counter



Electrical Balances

Flame Photometer

Distillation Apparatus                                                

Gel Electrophoresis

Laminar air Flow Cabinet

Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate                                  


Microcentrifuge machine                                           


Portable photosynthesis apparatus                             

Oven Electrical                                                           

Orbital Shaker                                                            

Oxygen meter                                                             

pH meter                                                                     

Pressure Bomb                                     


Rotary Evaporator                                                       


Soxhlet Apparatus

Vacuum pump   

Vortex Mixer                                                            

Water Bath             


Department of Environmental Science


1µl - 10µl (Caap)

2µl - 20µl (Caap)

20µl - 100µl (Caap)

50µl - 200µl (Caap)

200µl – 1000µl (Caap)

pH Meter Digital (PB-11-P10) Sartorious-Germany

Digital Balance ( TE-313S-DS) Sartorious-Germany

Hot Plate (MSH-20A) Germany

Sound Level Meter USA

Microscope Camera Fitted (E-200+DS-Fi1-L2) Nikon-Japan

Student Microscope E-100) Nikon-Japan

Autoclave (CL-32l) ALP-Japan

Digital Water Bath (WSB-30) Germany

Ultrasonic Liquid Processor (ULP-250) Canada

Refrigerated Centrifuge Digital (32R) Hattich-Germany

Oven Drying 300Deg (MO-1440C-1) Lindberg Blu-M USA)

Paqualab System UK

Turbidity Meter Lovibond Germany

Potassium Ion Selective Electrode WTW Germany

Sodium Ion Selective Electrode WTW Germany

Micro-Balance Digital (ME-5) Sartorious Germany

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (Nicolet-300) Thermo USA

Photocopier Machine (AR-5127) Sharp-Japan

Micro Pipettes (Fixed and Variable of Different Vol.)

HPLC System (Quaternary Gradient) Water-USA

UPS 700VA Taiwan

UPS 6KVA (G6K) Taiwan

HP Color Laser jet Printer (2550L)

HP Scanner (3770)

Multimedia System (PLF993BX)

Electrophoreses Apparatus H. with Power Supply

Ion-Lab Level 3 (ION-450) France

GAS Analyzer (IMR-2800P) USA

Microscope Stereoscopic 2x-4x. Germany

Diesel Generator Set 100KVA Siemens-Pak

Air Conditioner 2ton (Royal + Haier)

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (MKII-M6) UK

Membrane Filtration Assembly with Pump Millipore-USA

Freezer Vertical (HF240T) Haier

Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder (YDS-16) China

UV Lamp Europe

COD Complete Set Germany

Deionizer SG-700 Germany

Water Bath WB-14 Germany

Distillation Apparatus IM-50 Germany

Cooled Incubator (MIR-553) Sanyo-Japan

Rotary Evaporator with Aspirator (N1000SW) Eyela-Japan


Multimedia System Projector (AX-1280)

Lovibond Comparator

Hardness Determination Meter Germany

Laminar Flow Germany

Moisture Meter Germany

Rotary Microtome (ERM-230L) Japan

Refrigerator (9188MDS) Dawlance

Micro Wave Oven (131-G) Dawlance

Autoclave (HVA-110) Haryama-Japan

Bomb Calorimeter (PAAR-6300) USA

Air Sampler France

Ultrasonic Disintegrator Germany

Centrifuge Machine (Sigma-2-5) Germany

Gel Documentation System Bio-Rad USA

PCR Machine Bio-Rad USA

SDS Page Apparatus Bio-Rad USA

Centrifuge High Volume (Sigma 3k-30) German y

Fermentor Laboratory 1L (Lambda-Swiss)

Microscope Binocular Camera Fitted (B-330) Italy

Microscope Trinocular Camera Fitted (B-330) Italy

Microscope Phase Contrast Fitted (B-500Tph) Italy

DNA Sequencer (CEQ-8000) Backman-USA

Incubator Shaker (Heidolph-1000 Germany)

Muffle Furnace (L5/12) Germany

Soxhlet Apparatus Germany

Pocket Ion Meter Portable Model: pH 340/Ion Set WTW Germany

Reference Electrode R502

Internal Reference Electrode R502

Bridge Reference Electrode R502

ION selective Electrode F500

ION selective Electrode Br500

ION selective Electrode Cd500

ION selective Electrode Ca500

ION selective Electrode CL500

ION selective Electrode Cu500

ION selective Electrode IO500

ION selective Electrode Pb500

ION selective Electrode Ni500

Ionlab Oxi Level 2 WTW Germany

Lux Meter Digital TES-1330 Taiwan

Anemometer Digital (DEY3-2) China

Heamocytometer Germany

Membrane Filtration Assembly 250Ml Germany

Deionizer Waltype Elga-Germany

Air Sampler Airmetric-USA (PM2.5,10)

Digital Top Loading Balance EK-600H Japan

Gel Electrophoreses Horizontal (Elite300) USA

Vacuum Pump (2FY) China

Colony Counter Digital Germany

Electric Incubator B-53 Germany

Vortex Mixture (Korea)

Lux Meter Digital China

Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer (HP-220) USA

Heating Mental (1000ml) UK

High Speed Centrifuge Machine Sigma 1-14 Germany

Drying Oven IM-115 Germany

Air Conditioner 1.5Ton Haier

Binocular Microscope (CXE-Labomed USA)

Vortex Mixer (REAX Top)Heidolph-Germany

Water Bath WB-14 Germany

Rafractometer Abbe China

Viscometer Digital (LVDV-E) USA

Double Distillation Apparatus England

Ph Meter Digital MI-160 Europe

Anaerobic Jar (Oxide-UK)

Lux Meter LX 1102 Italy

Rain Gauge Electronic Italy

GPS System (E-Trex) Garmine Germany

Lux Meter Digital LX 1010B

Conductivity Meter Digital Portable Cond-3110 WTW Germany

Conductivity Meter Digital Portable Cond-720 WTW Germany

pH Meter Digital Portable pH 3110 WTW Germany

Oxygen Meter Portable  OXI-3205 WTW Germany

Refrigerator MDS-9188 Dawlance

Weight Machine Bath Scale

Air Conditioner 1.5Ton (Mitsubishi)

Plus Oxymeter

Hotplate with Magnetic Stirrer (MCS) Irmeco Germany

Sonication Bath (E30H) Germany

Balance 35Kg Capacity

Mechanical Stirrer (Pak)

Multiparameter Hand Held Meter Sinso Direct 150 Germany)

Conductivity Meter Digital Con200 Germany


Department of Biotechnology



Monocular Microscope:

Binocular Microscope


pH meter

Laminar Air Flow cabinet

Oven universal Memmert

Magnetic Stirrer

Mini Gel Electrophoresis

Autoclave stainless steel

Refrigerated centrifuge machine

Western blotting

Gel chromatogram


Refrigerated Centrifuge



Colony Counter

Centrifuge Machine

Digital Stopwatch

Distillation Apparatus 2No.

Double Beam Spectrophotometer

Electronic Analytical Balance


Fume hood

Glass Bead Sterilizer

Glassware Drying Cabinet

Horizontal Laminar Air flow cabinet


Incubator digital

Infrared sterilizer

Magnetic stirrer


Microscope Binocular

Microscope with camera

Moisture tester

Orbital Shaker


pH meter

Refrigerator (2)

Rotary Evaporator

Soxhlet Apparatus

Soxhlet extractor accessories

Steam Sterilizer



UV Lamp Handlet

UV lamp viewing cabinet: 

Mechanical Stirrer

Rotary Evaporator


Laminar Flow

Electronic Balance

Stereo Microscope

pH  Meter

Digital Autoclave Vertical

pH meter

Distillation Unit

Microwave Oven

Dry Ovens

Laminar air flow cabinet

PCR machine Gradient

Gel Electrophoresis Unit (Horizontal)

Gel Electrophoresis Unit (Vertical)

Centrifuge Machine, Capacity 12x15ml tubes

Refrigerator (12 cft.)

Vortex Mixture

Electronic Balance Capacity 300gm-0.01gm

Electronic Balance analytical Capacity 320gm-0.1mg

Racks fitted with fluorescent tubes for culture room

Gel Doc System

Growth Cabinet

Shaker orbital

Green House

Monocular Microscope

Binocular Microscope

Fine Balance


Oven universal Memmert

Magnetic Stirrer

Mini Gel Electrophoresis

Bench Top pH Meter

Ultra Low Temperature -80

Incubator) 0 oC-4oC

3ft. Horizontal laminar air flow Cabinet

Autoclave stainless steel


MicroCentrifuge machine

Micropipettes (2)

Vertical Freezer

Mini horizontal gel With Power supply

Vortex mixer


pH meter Portable

UV Visible spectrophotometer




Laminar air flow cabinet



Microscope with camera

HP Laser Jet printer

Lap top (Dell)

Micropipettes of different ranges


Mechanical Stirrer

Grinder, Blender

Shaker Orbital, Temp. Controlled

Water bath


Pentium – 4 system with all accessories

Binocular stereo compound microscope with CCD and digital camera

Electronic Balance Capacity 300gm-0.01gm

Stand by generator (DieselGen. Set 15-20 KVA)

pH meter

Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Same as Bio Rad

Orbital Shaking Incubator

Digital shaking Water bath



Microwave oven

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Department of City & Regional Planning


Global Positioning System (GPS)

Total Station


Hand-held Distance Meter

Steel Measuring Tapes

Video Cameras

DSLR Camera

Department of Electrical Engineering
List of Technical Equipment


Analog & Digital Electronics Lab

Communication Lab

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Lab

Electrical Machines Lab

Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

Antenna & Microwave Lab

Digital Logic Design Lab

Control System Lab

Project Lab


Computer Lab

Function generator top word 8120

Power Supply Unit PS1-PSU/EV

Oscilloscope 7068A60MHZ

Fiber Optic (Link B Application Trainer)

TV with Power Supply Adaptor

EPABX (Trainer System)

Machine Trainer Resistive Load 400VA

Computers P4

Motor/ Generator  (DC Synchronous Generator)

Motors (AC Inductions motor)

Digital Stroboscope

Mini Clamp meter model 380940


LCR Meter

Power Meter

Energy Meter

Relay Control Trainer

Flow Control Trainer

DC Servo Meter

Digital Multimeter

Soldering Irons

Bread Boards

Various Electronics Components


Department of Architecture Engineering
List of Technical Equipment


¼” (6-8 mm) Plunge Route

Planner 1.5 mm

Detail Sander

Top Handle Jig Saw

184 mm Circular Saw

Heavy Duty Angle Grinder, 7”

Heavy Duty Angle Grinder, 4”

Abrasive Chop Saw 355 mm

6.5 mm Rotary Drill

Drill Machine 10 mm

Drill Machine 13 mm

Hp Laser Jet Printer 400 (410A)

Multimedia Projector

Electric Heaters


Printer Cartridge


Photocopy Machine

Water Dispenser

Electronic Digital Theodolite

Plain table for survey

SOKKIA B40 Automatic level

Survey Chain

Aluminum Leveling Staff

Ranging Rod

Optical Square

Prismatic Compass

Electronic Total Station

Digital Camera

AC Split 1.5 Ton

Spot light with snoot

Snoot + Filter

Hot Shoe flash tiger

Fisheye lens 15mm

Flash Light with stand &  umbrella

Background with stand



Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of Mass Communication


Sony d50 Camera

Tripod & Dolly



Lens Servo Kit

Micro Phone Collar

Boom with Rod

Dynamic Vocal Microphone



CCU Cable

Carrying Case Sony


Video Mixer

Video Monitors

Audio Mixer

Head Set PCR


Baby Light

Tent Lights with Pentograph 

Heavy Duty flash Lights with Petograph and Umbrella

Split AC

Fridge  with Stabilizer

Nikon Digital Camera with Zoom Lens

Camera Flash

Color Printer Epson


Video Camera

Cordless Mic

Handicam Video Camera

Tripod for PD-70

Ceiling Fans

Steel Almirah

Steel Chest of Draws

Computer  with Table

Office Table

Sofa Chairs

Revolving Chair

Wooden Almirah

Tube Lights



Audio Logger

Micro Phone

Mice Stand

Audio Mixer

Mini Audio Mixer

Audio Cassette Player

DVD Player


Head Phone


Delay Machine + LCD

DVD Player






RF Cable

Computer Systems


Multimedia Projector



Network Switch Cisco

Network Switch TP-Link

Access Points TP-Link

Wireless LAN

Switch Box

Bracket Fans

UPS 650 Watt

UPS 3kva

LCD 15”

Institute of Design & Visual Arts


Gas Kiln

Electric potters

hot plate heater

pressure printing machine

Video production camera and editing system for short projects

Video production camera and editing system for short projects

Digital cameras for photography

Hand looms

foot looms



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